Lifting restrictions could see more Bulgarian, Romanians come to UK for work: MAC

The Migration Advisory Committee (MAC) has asserted that relaxing the current employment restrictions on workers from Bulgaria and Romania would cause further disruption to the UK labour market.


The UK Border Agency said: `The MAC was commissioned by the government in June to identify the most suitable economic criteria for determining which Tier 2 migrant workers could settle permanently in the UK and what the economic effects of restricting or removing settlement rights would be.

`The MAC was also asked to look at the consequences of maintaining or lifting the current employment restrictions on workers from Bulgaria and Romania’.

The UKBA added: `The government has the option of lifting the transitional controls at the end of 2011 or keeping them in place for a further two years when they must be lifted under EU law.

`After analysing the UK labour market, the MAC has concluded that lifting of the restrictions could see more Bulgarian and Romanians come to the UK for work. There is a risk that this would have an adverse impact on the UK labour market and UK employment.

Professor David Metcalf CBE, Chairman of the MAC, said: ‘While there is uncertainty about how many additional A2 workers would come to the UK if restrictions were lifted, it is clear there would be an increase. The UK labour market is currently seriously disturbed and there is a risk that lifting the restrictions would exacerbate this.’


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