Look before you bring swords, knives as souvenirs; you may end up facing prosecution

`You cannot bring banned weapons, because you can legally buy them abroad’
4th October 2011: Bringing swords, knuckle dusters and knives as souvenirs? Beware, you may end up facing prosecution.
The UK Border Agency has made it clear you cannot bring banned weapons, just because you can legally buy them while on holiday abroad.   

The assertion came after 176 weapons including stun guns and knives were surrendered by Scottish holiday makers during a campaign to prevent banned weapons entering the UK.

The UKBA said: `Throughout the holiday period, officers were on hand to advise travellers about what can and cannot be legally brought back from their holidays and trips abroad.

`Posters and public address announcements at the airports reinforced this message highlighting the likelihood of prosecution and conviction if caught bringing banned weapons into the UK.

`Passengers were encouraged to approach officers and surrender any weapons they may have picked up overseas, even if these were legally obtained abroad.

`Following this campaign, travellers at Edinburgh, Glasgow, Prestwick and Aberdeen handed in 176 weapons from the beginning of July until the end of August this year. The total haul from the two month campaign included swords, knuckle dusters and knives’.

UKBA assistant director, Murdo MacMillan, said: `We are very pleased that our officer’s efforts have resulted in so many dangerous and often deadly weapons from making it onto the streets of Scotland. Our officers have been trying to educate people about those knives and weapons that are illegal to bring into Scotland from overseas – just because you can legally buy an item while on holiday abroad does not mean you can legally bring it into Scotland.

‘We are determined to prevent lethal weapons reaching our streets and for those caught trying to smuggle these into Scotland or simply unaware of the controls in place if you are found breaking the law by carrying banned knives and offensive weapons then you will be stopped, the weapons will be seized and you will face prosecution.’

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