MAC recommends continuation of Tier 1 route for migrants

`It brings economic benefits to the UK’

06 December 2009: The Migration Advisory Committee (MAC) has recommended the continuation of Tier 1 (post-study work) route for migrants wanting to work in the UK after completing a course of study here.

The MAC believes it brings economic benefits to the UK. But it recommends that the government should consider whether all courses and all institutions should continue to be treated the same.

In response to the report, Border and Immigration Minister Phil Woolas said: ‘The MAC has delivered a robust and thorough report, and the government will consider it carefully over the coming weeks.

‘The points-based system is a powerful and flexible tool which means that businesses can recruit the skilled foreign workers that the economy needs, but not at the expense of British workers, nor as a cheaper alternative to investing in the skills of the existing workforce.

‘Our own research shows that more than eight in ten people who have used Tier 1 of the points-based system were satisfied with the process.’

The government will now announce whether it accepts the recommendations in early 2010. The announcement will be published on the Home Office website.

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