Migrants bringing relatives to the UK to pay more

Around 5,000 `such relatives’ to come here annually

21st January 2010: It’s getting dearer for the migrants. They face visa fee hikes with the Home Office declaring general increases, including sharp rises for certain categories.

If your visiting family plans to stay back as it cannot support itself, get ready to pay more than double. Visas charges for dependent relatives settling here after coming from outside the UK will also register an increase.

With this, it is clear that migrants bringing relatives to live with them in Britain will now have to pay more. The development is significant as around 5,000 such relatives are believed to come here every year.

The biggest fee hike is on visas for dependent relatives living outside the UK who settle here. The fee will increase from £585 to £1,680. Family visiting the UK, but staying will also have to pull out £1,680.

The basic cost of a visa for migrants will increase from £585 to £644. The cost of applying for indefinite leave to remain for those already here will rise by £20 from £820 to £840. The fee for applying to become a British citizen will increase by £15 from £640 to £655.

The fees for migrants applying to bring elderly parents from abroad to live with them too is set to go up to more than £1,900. The ministers are also in favour of introducing a separate 10 per cent charge for every child.

Elaborating, the Home Office said a 10 per cent charge on all immigration and nationality fees is to be introduced for each child of a migrant in Britain but wanting to extend their family’s stay.

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