New controls to see doors closed on number of skilled workers

Controls calculated to slam shut the door on nothing less than 6,300 skilled workers

cook-pastry.jpg16 February 2011: Even though immigration minister Damian Green has described the new controls as ‘business-friendly’ controls, a substantial number of skilled workers will find themselves facing bolted doors.

The final version of the immigration cap announced by the Government on Wednesday makes it evident that it is calculated to slam shut the door on nothing less than 6,300 skilled workers from outside Europe, compared with two years ago.

The changes may in fact leave foreign chefs with a bad taste, with their dreams of making it to the UK turning sour as the immigration cap is put in place in April.

In fact, the cap is apprehended to stem the flow of chefs for the British curry industry. They were previously covered by the shortage occupation list, but now stand excluded from the new graduate occupation list.

The new proposals are also apprehended to place new restrictions on junior staff in British branches of multinational companies, including Indian IT firms. The junior staff, who earns less than £40,000 a year may only be allowed to stay for 12 months, with a five-year limit on those in jobs earning more than this.

Describing it as a fair system that addresses the needs of employers, immigration minister Damian Green has asserted "Britain needs to attract the brightest and best to fill the jobs gaps but this should never be at the expense of workers already here."

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