New immigration fees: from 6 April you’ll pay more for your visa

Marginal changes apply for most visas; we outlined the rest.

06 April 2010. Following Parliamentary approval, the new immigration fees announced earlier on in the year have been introduced today, Tuesday 6 April 2010, for all those applying to study, visit, work in or stay in the UK.

Marginal changes have been applied to most visa application fees; more notable changes concern:

– Visit visas, Long term (up to 10 years): from £500 to £610;
– Settlement visa: from £585 to £644
– Settlement visa for dependent relative: £1680
– Tier 1 General Investor/Entrepreneur: from £675 to £690.
– Tier 1 Post Study: from £265 to £315;
– Tier 4 Student: from £145 to £199

The new fees are set out in the official UKBA table you can download here .

All applications sent out on or after 6 April 2010 will need to include payment at the new fee level for your type of application.

Students: Highly Trusted Sponsor now required to apply for restricted course levels

Marriage visa age reduced to 18 for armed forces, partners