New UK visa application service in Atyrau, Kazakhstan

The UK Border Agency will launch a new monthly visa service in Atyrau in partnership with their commercial partners, VFS Global.

A mobile biometric clinic will be set up to enable customers in the west of Kazakhstan to enrol their biometric information when applying for a UK visa, without having to travel to the UK visa application centre in Almaty.

The mobile biometric clinic is an optional service and will cost 256 US dollars in addition to your visa application fee.

Using the new mobile biometric clinic will be simple. You must submit your application online. After you have paid your visa application fee you will be able to book an appointment at the biometric clinic at KIS Energy, KazInter Service, Birlik Village, Atyrau, TNS Building, Republic of Kazakhstan, 060015.

You must book an appointment online before going to the clinic. You will be supplied with a pre-addressed envelope to post your application to the UK Border Agency in Almaty.

Your passport and supporting documents will be returned to you by courier when the UK Border Agency has made a decision on your application.

The Agency aims to process all applications submitted in Almaty or in Atyrau within their published processing times.

If you do not wish to use the clinic in Atyrau, you can visit the visa application centre in Almaty without paying the additional fee. If you are applying for a visitor visa or an EEA family permit you can apply at any UK visa application centre across the world.

Further details on how to apply for a UK visa in Kazakhstan can be found on the UK Border Agency’s Kazakhstan pages.

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