`No master’s degree for highly skilled foreigner’

`Bachelor’s degree holders should be allowed for UK jobs’

4th December 2009: If you are highly skilled foreigner, the mention of master’s degree in your curriculum vitae may not be necessary.

For you will no longer need a master’s degree to procure work in the UK, with the government’s chief migration adviser coming to the conclusion that the brightest and the best could not be hired because of the restrictions.

Available information indicates the master’s-only rule for “tier one” work permits was introduced last year by then home secretary Jacqui Smith. It was aimed at cutting down the number of non-EU migrants through a new points-based system.

According to a report in the Financial Times, the change led to intense lobbying by London First, a City pressure group, as well as leading law firms and accountants such as KPMG and PwC.

But with the businesses arguing the restrictions were draconian and were blocking London’s access to the best talent, Professor David Metcalf is in favour of a change.
The head of the government’s migration advisory committee said only people who hold a bachelor’s degree should be allowed to come to the UK to seek employment.

Professor Metcalf said they have restored what Jacqui Smith took away last April, as it was too blunt; and the businesses he spoke to were all concerned about the change.

It is believed that in an apparent attempt to counter the accusations on policy reversal making migration too easy, his committee is raising the level of salary that tier one migrants need to have earned before coming to the UK.

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