On cards changes in requirements for intra-company transfer

12 month period to be made mandatory

8th September 2010: Soon after reports trickled in that an estimated 30,000 non-EU migrant workers entered the UK through intra-company transfers in the technology sector last year, the UK Border Agency has asserted amendments were being carried out to make 12 months experience mandatory before such shifting.

As of now the period is exactly the half. Available information indicates the amendments are expected to come into force from the spring of 2010.

A declaration to this effect came in response to claim by the Association of Professional Staffing Companies. It had asserted that the Tier 2, intra-company transfer category of the points-based system, is providing a loophole for the Indian IT companies to bring foreign workers into the UK.

The agency said it will, “this spring, be amending the requirements for this category so that workers will need 12 months’ experience, instead of six months as at present, with their employer before they can be transferred to the UK.

The Agency reiterated that the category will additionally be closed as a route to permanent settlement in the UK.

Immigration Minister Phil Woolas too has defended the transfers, saying they made Britain an attractive place to do business.

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