One in seven fresh arrivals not covered by new immigration rules

Limit not applicable to intra-company transfers

5th July 2010: Even as the cap on immigration has come under criticism, a section of critics still believe something more needs to be done as the immigration cap may not prove tough enough due to loopholes.

The critics claimed one in seven new arrivals will not be covered by the new rules, and warned this could go against the Tory pledge to slash migration to just tens of thousands.

Elaborating, they said multinational firms, who last year sent 30,000 foreign workers to the UK, will be exempt, as the limit does not apply to intra-company transfers which lets firms bring in non-EU nationals already on their payroll.

Already, as many as 20,000 employers are registered to bring in skilled workers. Home Office figures reveal India’s Tata Consultancy Services sponsored 4,600 of its workers to come to Britain in 2008.

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