`Premium customers’ may face delay, as `Services’ union goes on strike

In-country services to provide a `business-as-usual service’
29th June 2011: As the Public and Commercial Services union is all set to go on a 24-hour strike beginning on Wednesday evening, the UK Border Agency has asserted that in-country services “will be aiming to provide a business-as-usual service”. But, premium customers may face delay. As such, those “wishing to change their booking can do so”.
The UKBA has asserted: “In-country services, including enforcement and public enquiry offices, will be aiming to provide a business-as-usual service. However, premium customers should be aware that their cases may not be concluded on the day. Those wishing to change their booking can do so….

The UKBA has added that the starting times will vary as each port has different shift patterns. The strike will affect UK Border Agency staff in the UK. The priorities of the UK Border Agency will remain the security of the UK border and managing migration.

`People travelling into the UK may experience delays at border control. The impact of the strike will be different at individual ports, airports and international rail terminals. We have put contingency plans in place and will work hard to keep delays to a minimum.

`Passengers arriving in the UK on 30 June can assist us by having travel documents, including passports, available and taken out of any wallets using automatic e-Passport gates, where available.

`Our overseas visa service is not affected by the strike’, the UKBA has added.


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