Prospective students from outside the UK to apply with visa letter until February 2010

Phase 3 of Tier 4 of points-based system to go live on 5 October

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26 September 2009: Prospective students applying from outside the United Kingdom will still have to apply with a visa letter until February 2010.
The Home Office says Phase 3 of Tier 4 of the points-based system will go live on 5 October, with the start of a voluntary trial period for the sponsorship magagement system.
During the trial period, Tier 4 sponsors will be able to continue using visa letters while gradually adopting the use of the sponsorship management system to issue confirmations of acceptance for studies. Confirmations of acceptance for studies will become mandatory in February 2010.
Between 5 October 2009 and February 2010, sponsors will be able to issue confirmations of acceptance for studies, visa letters or a combination of both to prospective students who are applying to them from within the United Kingdom. You can find more information about the sponsorship management system and how you can use it in the Sponsorship management system section of the Home Office website.
The Border Agency has also published information on how sponsors under the points-based system can renew their annual allocations of certificates of sponsorship and confirmations of acceptance for studies.
When an employer or education provider applies successfully for a licence to sponsor migrant workers and/or students under the points-based system, we allocate them a certain number of certificates of sponsorship and/or confirmations of acceptance for their first year as a sponsor.
At the end of that year, and every year while they are a sponsor, they must request a new allocation. Allocations cannot be carried over from one year to the next, and a sponsor cannot sponsor any more migrants if it has used its current allocation.
The new information, published on the Home Office website, is designed to answer sponsors’ key questions about the process for renewing their annual allocations.

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