Representations about exceptional circumstances due to world events to be carefully considered by UK


Affected by world events, apply to remain in UK the normal way

13th April 2011: Affected by the world events such as conditions in Libya, apply to the UK Border Agency  for permission to remain in the UK the normal way.

The UK Border Agency  has asserted: “Libyans, or other nationals similarly affected by world events, who wish to apply to us for permission to remain in the UK should do so in the normal way. Any representations about exceptional circumstances will be carefully considered”.

Libyans with visas that may expire before they are able to leave the UK due to the current situation have also been asked to keep proof of original travel plans ready; and make arrangements to leave the country as soon as possible.

The UKBA added: Due to the continuing security situation in Libya and to ensure the safety of our customers and staff, the UK visa application centre in Tripoli remains temporarily closed.

`We advise those applying in Libya to check our local website for details of the impact on visa services, alternative application arrangements and regular updates…

`We are aware that the visas of some Libyans may expire before they are able to leave the UK, due to the current situation in Libya. Travellers transiting through Libya to other countries may also be affected. We appreciate that this is due to exceptional circumstances.
`You should keep proof of original travel plans as evidence of your intention to comply with your visa requirements. You should continue to monitor the situation regarding travel advice to Libya, and make arrangements to return as soon as it is safe to do so.

`For further information and updates on the current situation in Libya, customers should also visit the British Embassy Tripoli website’.

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