Settlement, 10-year, & exceptional talent visa fees to rise

A short term student visa fee will remain at £140, but settlement visa fee is will rise from £810 to £826.

The fee for a 10-year visa will rise from £702 to £716. Besides this, a Tier 1 entrepreneur, investor, exceptional talent visa fee will rises to £816 from £800 and a Tier 2 general ICT increases from £400 to £480.


The visa fee is expected to go up by April this year. If the parliament gives a nod to the proposal, the visa fees for the UK will increase from the April 6.

The Immigration minister Damian Green asserted the revenue generated will contribute towards securing the UK’s border and controlling migration for the benefit of the UK.

The fee changes will now be set out in regulations before both Houses of Parliament and are subject to the affirmative legislative procedure.

In developing these proposals, the UK Border Agency has sought to regulate most increases to approximately 2 per cent.

In addition, the fees paid by dependants, for applications made within the UK, were being maintained at the current level of 50 per cent of a main applicant’s fee.

Green said in future the UK Border Agency will look to charge the same fee in the UK for dependants and main applicants, as currently already happens for visa applications made overseas.

Some visas are not scheduled to change, for example a short term student visa fee will remain at £140. 

Green said the Government evaluates the fees on a regular basis and makes appropriate changes as necessary. Green explained some fees are charged above the actual cost on the basis of the value of the service.

Green asserted: ‘Given the ongoing need to reduce public spending, we believe it is right that we continue to seek to reduce the burden on UK taxpayers of delivering the border and immigration system by asking migrants to make a greater contribution to the funding of the UK Border Agency.’

He explained the UK Border Agency had given careful thought to its fee levels, to ensure it can maintain good service levels to customers and secure the border for the general public.

Green added that some fees were set above the administrative cost of providing the service to create the revenue, which is used to help fund the UK immigration system and which facilitate others to be set below cost recovery to support wider government objectives.



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