Sheep shearers can enter UK without employment visa

Sheep shearers contracted to work in the UK this year from 1st April 2013 until 30th June 2013 can enter the country without an employment visa as a concession, the UK Border Agency has said.

Non-visa nationals seeking admission under the concession will not be subject to an entry clearance requirement. They will need, on arrival in the United Kingdom, to be able to satisfy an immigration officer that they are genuinely seeking entry for the purpose of employment, for a temporary period, as a sheep shearer.

Those seeking admission on this basis should therefore be in possession of a work contract confirming the nature of their employment in the United Kingdom and their remuneration.

The UK Border Agency may refuse entry to those seeking entry under the concession where an immigration officer is not satisfied: that the passenger is genuinely seeking entry for the purpose of undertaking employment, or providing services, as a sheep shearer; that the passenger will be able to maintain and accommodate himself without recourse to public funds; or that the passenger will leave the United Kingdom at the end of their stay.

Other general grounds for refusal of admission (for example, an adverse immigration history, possession of a criminal record or the use of false representations to obtain admission) will also apply.

Those admitted under the concession will be admitted for a maximum period of three months and the conditions attached to their stay will restrict their permission to work to employment with a specific employer or contractor.

There will be no provision for granting an extension of stay under the concession or to switch into another category of stay, other than as a visitor, without first leaving the United Kingdom, nor will there be any provision for granting admission to dependants of workers admitted under the concession.

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