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Solicitor explains how to apply for British citizenship for children born in UK – VIDEO

There are different ways of getting British citizenship for children in the UK. In the following video, Rumbi Bvunzawabaya, Principal Solicitor, RBM Solicitors, explains how you can apply for British citizenship for children born in the UK.

This applies to all the people living in the UK whether they have indefinite leave to remain, or no status at all. The most important thing is that they have children who are living in the UK.

Ms Bvunzawabaya stresses that it is very important for children to get British citizenship because it allows them to get education and access many other necessary resources.

In the first part of the video Ms Bvunzawabaya explains the 10 year route for citizenship for children who have been born in the UK and lived here for the first ten years of their lives. “Whether or not the parents have got any form of legal status in the country, the children can apply for citizenship,” she says.

Ms Bvunzawabaya also explains that a child in the UK can get British citizenship if one of the parents has got indefinite leave to remain or is a citizen.

“So for example, if a child is born before the parent has got indefinite leave to remain, and the parent subsequently gets indefinite leave to remain, that child can apply for naturalization as soon as the parent has been granted indefinite leave to remain,” Ms Bvunzawabaya says. “Where parents have got indefinite leave to remain and a child is born, the child can immediately apply for British passport without going through naturalization or registration.”

It is important, Ms Bvunzawabaya says, to get correct legal advice before paying a lot of money to make the application.



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