Speed up entry by using separate EEA/EU channel during Olympics

The UK Border Agency has asked visitors to accelerate their entry by using separate EEA/EU channel during the Olympics.

The Border Force has asserted: `With tough checks in place at the border you may be able to speed up your entry by using the separate EEA/EU channel if you are a national of the EU or EEA

; using the e-passport gates if you have a 'chipped' passport; presenting your passport or EEA national identity card to the border officer; and fully completing a landing card and handing it to the border officer’.

It has added: `If you travel during Games time, you might notice that we have set up dedicated Olympic lanes for athletes, coaches, officials and accredited media (members of the 'Games Family'). Even if you have tickets for the Games, you should not use these lanes as the entry process is different’.

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