Take citizenship test seriously; 29.1 % immigrants failed in 2009

906,464 took the examination; 263,641 failed the test


7th June 2010: Take your citizenship test seriously. For the failure rate is just less than 30 per cent.

Home office figures for 2009 reveal 29.1 per cent candidates were unable to clear the test.

According to the figures from the British government’s immigration department, as many as 906,464 people took the examination. Out of the total, as many as 263,641 failed the test. The passing rate was 70.9 percent during that year.

The 45-minute citizenship test on British history, culture and society, was introduced in 2005 by the British government for individuals wanting to become British citizens or to settle permanently in the country.

The test has to be taken on a computer and is a series of 24 multiple-choice questions. If you are taking the test, you must score at least 75 per cent to pass.

If you are preparing for the test, just pick up Life in the United Kingdom: A Journey to Citizenship". All the questions are all based on the handbook, which can be purchased through the Home Office website.


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