Temporary concession for Syrians renewed

Home Office has decided to renew the temporary concession for Syrian nationals.

From 28th February 2013, the temporary concession for Syrian nationals was renewed for a further year, until 28th February 2014.

Syrian nationals with temporary permission to stay in the UK will continue to have more ways to extend their stay in the UK.

If you are a Syrian national and your permission to stay in the UK (leave to remain) is about to expire, or has expired in the last 28 days, and you wish to stay in the UK there are now some new options available to you.

Extend your visa
• If you are here on a visa for a limited period you can ask for this to be extended for the same length of time as you were originally granted. For example, if you have a 6 month visit visa, you may be given permission to stay for a further 6 months.

Switch into a different visa category in the UK
• Normally you would be required to leave the UK to switch to another visa category. Under this concession you may apply to switch from inside the UK.
• There are restrictions on which categories you can apply to switch into. You cannot switch into any settlement routes.
You must apply whilst your current visa is valid or within 28 days of it expiring and pay the correct fee applicable for that route. You must also meet the requirements of the category that you are applying under.

If there are any documents which you would normally be expected to provide, but you cannot because of the conflict in Syria, then you should explain why in your application.

Syrian nationals are also advised to monitor the travel advice for Syria, and make arrangements to return, only when it is safe to do so.

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