Tough new ‘Mr and Mrs’ tests likely to prevent sham marriages

Going all set to get tougher for immigrants
15th September 2011: Once again, the going is all set to get tougher for the immigrants seeking their way to greener pastures.
Indications are that the ministers are all set to drastically revamp the family immigration rules in the coming months. The new set of rules include tough income tests for sponsors wanting to bring in their partner.  

Once the rules come into force, the prospective immigrants will have to display the means to support both their partner and children or other dependent relatives.   

This is not all. The register offices will be given new powers. They will rather have the power and the authority to turn down the permission to marry people. They will also have the right to insist on delaying the wedding, if it is apprehended that the marriage is not genuine. A tough new ‘Mr and Mrs’ style tests is also being introduced to as a safeguard against sham marriages.  

In any case, the spouses and partners would have to wait five years, instead of the current two, before they could apply for settling down permanently in the UK. The period before they can claim benefits will also be the same.

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