Travellers can bring less tobacco, cigarettes

MILs for tobacco, cigarettes reduced from 1 October 2011
3rd October 2011:
Brining tobacco and cigarettes brought into the UK from the European Union (EU) for ‘personal use’? Tarry. The minimum indicative levels (MILs) for tobacco and cigarettes brought into the UK from the EU has been reduced from 1 October 2011, to align them with levels applied elsewhere in Europe.
The UK Border Agency said: MILs are guide levels set by EU member states to determine whether imported goods are for travellers’ own use. There are no limits to the volumes of tobacco that travellers can bring back from the EU, if the goods are transported by them and are genuinely for their own use.

Travellers bringing tobacco and cigarettes into the UK from the EU will need to comply with new MILs of 800 cigarettes and 1kg of hand-rolling tobacco.

HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) spokesperson Bob Gaiger said: ‘Law-abiding individuals who genuinely import goods for their own use will not be affected. This change will only affect individuals who are abusing the current limits to avoid paying excise duty on tobacco products which are subsequently resold.’

The change to the MILs was announced in April 2011 in HMRC’s renewed tobacco strategy Tackling tobacco smuggling: building on our success.

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