Trying to migrate into UK using illegal documents? Forget it

UKBA says our officers are `expert at spotting forged documents’

26th May 2010: Even if potential illegal migrants make repeated attempts to enter the UK using different identities, they will be spotted — at least this is what the UK Border Agency is claiming.

It has asserted that the UKBA officers are “expert at spotting forged documents”. The assertion came soon after a Ukrainian man was removed from the UK for attempting to use a forged passport at Bournemouth Airport. This was his third unsuccessful attempt to con his way into the country in six months.

The UKBA said the 30-year-old arrived at Bournemouth on a flight from Pisa, Italy, on 19 May claiming he intended to start a job in London.

He produced a Polish passport which would have entitled him entry to the UK as a European Union citizen.

But a detailed examination of the document by UK Border Agency officers revealed it was a genuine Polish passport whose original photograph had been substituted.
Following further checks, including fingerprint scans, it was found that the same man had recently made two more failed attempts to enter the UK.

The UKBA added: In December 2009 he was turned back from Bristol Airport after trying to use a counterfeit Slovakian identity card and in January this year he was stopped at UK Border Agency controls in Brussels as he again tried to travel on a forged Polish passport.

Following his latest failed attempt, the man was detained overnight and removed to Pisa on the 20 May 2010.

Assistant director for the UK Border Agency, Peter Jones, said: ‘This case shows how effective our border controls are, even if people make repeated attempts to enter the UK using different identities. Our officers are expert at spotting forged documents.

‘Stopping fraudulent attempts to enter Britain is a crucial part of our fight to protect our borders from those intent on abusing the system.’

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