UK Border Agency to remove abusers of immigration system

The UK Border Agency will not hesitate to act against those who think they can abuse the immigration system, Phil Taylor, the UK Border Agency's regional director in Scotland and Northern Ireland has said.

Mr. Taylor made the warning after an operation at Gretna registration office which led to the arrest of a man from India and two women from Mauritius.

The three are due to be removed from the UK.

On 28th and 29th February 2012, UK Border Agency officers acted on intelligence to investigate weddings due to take place at Gretna registration office.

In the first case, an Indian man who was due to be married to a British woman was found to be in the UK illegally. He is currently in detention, while arrangements are made to return him to India.

In the second case, a woman from Mauritius was due to marry a Polish man. She and her daughter, who was due to act as a witness to the marriage, were found to be in the UK illegally. They too are both in detention, pending their removal to Mauritius.

“Anyone in the UK illegally and seeking to evade our immigration laws should take heed of this latest operation, and expect to be found by us and removed from the UK,” Mr. Taylor said.

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