UK can detect people on watch-list using foreign passports

E-Borders technology can detect people on a watch-list by the UK Border Agency even if they try to enter or leave the UK with foreign passports, Lord Henley, Parliamentary Under Secretary of State, Environment, Food and Rural Affairs has said.

In a written response to Lord Marlesford, Lord Henley said the “e-borders works by analysing biographical travel document information (also known as advance passenger information) from passengers and crew members prior to travel either into or out of the United Kingdom. Biographical data are obtained from a travel document (including passports), and includes name, date of birth, nationality, gender, travel document type, state of issue, number and expiry date.

“The biographical details of the passenger do not change and therefore an individual is identifiable against a watch-list irrespective of the nationality of travel document the individual is travelling on.”

Lord Marlesford sought to know if there was a system of detecting people on a watch-list by the UK Border Agency leaving or arriving in the United Kingdom if they were using a non-United Kingdom passport.

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