UK Home Office `to pull the plug on the illegal jobs’

Warns companies of losing right to recruit from outside Europe

23rd October 2009: Looking for illegal jobs in the UK? Look out! The UK Border Agency has asserted it is “working hard to pull the plug on the illegal jobs which lure illegal immigrants to come to the UK in the first place”.

It also warned the companies employing illegal staff of losing their right to recruit from outside Europe; and a jail sentence.

The Border Agency’s regional director Gail Adams said: ‘Illegal working is unfair on honest employers who recruit staff with the right to work in the UK and who pay them a proper salary.

‘We will continue to work with those companies that seek to comply with the law. But employers who don’t play by the rules will get struck off our register, lose the right to recruit staff from outside Europe, face on the spot fines and could potentially end up in jail.’

The assertion came after 10 illegal immigrants have been caught working in Newark. They had used forged identity documents to secure employment. A substantial number of them were from Zimbabwe.

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