UK renews temporary concession for Syrians

Minister for Immigration James Brokenshire has announced a further renewal of concessions to the immigration rules for Syrian nationals lawfully in the UK.

In a written ministerial statement laid in the House of Commons, Mr. Brokenshire said: “In light of the ongoing violent conflict in Syria it has been decided that the Home Office should continue to operate some discretion to enable Syrians legally in the UK to extend their stay here.”

“Syrians in the UK with valid leave (or leave which has expired within the last 28 days) in specified visa categories will continue to be able to apply to extend their stay in that visa category, or switch into a different specified category from within the UK (with some restrictions) rather than being required to return home first. Those applying will still need to meet the requirements of the relevant visa category, pay the appropriate fee, and adhere to the normal conditions of that category – no access to public funds, for example. If a required document is not accessible due to the civil unrest in Syria the Home Office may apply its discretion and the requirement to provide that document may be waived where appropriate.”

The temporary concession for Syrian nationals will remain in force until 28th February 2015.

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