UK visa applicants in Malaysia must take Tuberculosis test

From 31st December 2012, UK Border Agency will introduce obligatory Tuberculosis testing for all visa applicants in Malaysia planning to come to the UK for more than 6 months.

The move follows the UK government's announcement in May 2012, to introduce tuberculosis testing as a requirement of the visa application process for certain countries.

Malaysia is one of the 67 countries, who according to the World Health Organisation has a high incidence of tuberculosis.

Applicants who complete an online visa application form and pay the online visa application fee before 31st December 2012 will not need to take a tuberculosis test.

Online applications submitted and paid for after this date will be subject to tuberculosis testing requirements.

You do not need a tuberculosis test if you plan on travelling to the UK for less than six months, for example on business or for tourism.

For detailed information about the testing process and requirements, see the UKBA’s TB testing page.

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