UK visa applications in Greece to be processed in Belgrade

From 11th June 2012, visa applications submitted in Athens, Greece will be processed at the UK Border Agency's regional processing centre in Belgrade.

UK Border Agency said the change will not affect the procedure for making a visa application.

Applicants will still be able to apply, pay their visa fees online and book an appointment at the UK Border Agency in Athens to submit their application forms, passports and supporting documents and provide their biometric information.

The visa applications, passports and documents will then be taken securely by courier to Belgrade, where a decision on the applications will be made.

Once a decision is made, the applicants’ documents will be securely couriered back to the UK Border Agency in Athens, where they can be collected.

Applicants will not pay any additional cost for this service, and the Visa processing times will not change.

These changes are part of a worldwide UK Border Agency programme to provide a more effective and flexible visa service, UK Border Agency said.

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