UK visa centres in Cairo, Alexandria temporarily closed

Situation has also impacted visa services in Sudan and Yemen 1st February 2011: Kith and kin in Egypt may find difficulties in forwarding visa applications. The UK Border Agency has announced that due to the current security situation in Egypt and “to ensure the safety of our customers and staff”, the UK visa application centres in Cairo and Alexandria have been temporarily closed.
Protestors have been on the streets of Egypt’s cities over the last few days demanding the departure of president Hosni Mubarak, in power for the last three decades.

The UKBA has asserted some visa applications submitted in Sudan and Yemen are processed in Cairo. The situation has also impacted the visa services in these countries.

The situation has come in way of holidays. In fact, the crisis is forcing some companies to make arrangements to repatriate British holidaymakers. Many others, including foreigners in the UK, who had booked trips have cancelled their plans.

The political crisis in Egypt is also having fallout on the UK companies, particularly the ones in the travel sector. Even the companies listed on the stock exchange are suffering share falls.
The BBC has asserted shares in UK-listed travel firms and airlines have been adversely affected. Thomas Cook has seen a fall of 4.7 per cent, while BA and Iberia’s airline group, IAG, suffered a 2.6 per cent decline.

As of now, foreign airlines serving Cairo, Alexandria and other major Egyptian cities have either placed under suspension service to the country or have revised flight schedules.


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