UKBA changing the way it charges fee for premium same-day service

Cashiers won’t be there for payment at Glasgow,Cardiff publicenquiry offices

19th July 2011: The UKBorder Agency is all set to change the way it charges application fee for premiumsame-day service at Glasgow and Cardiff public enquiryoffices.


There will no longer be cashiers to receive in thoselocations.

The changes will come into effect from Monday 25 July.

The UKBA has asserted: ‘If you are attending an appointmentin Glasgow or Cardiff, there will be three ways that youcan pay your application fee’.

One is the payment in person by credit or debit card. `Youwill still be able to pay your application fee on the day of your appointment,if you use a credit or debit card.

`You should complete the payment details section of yourapplication form, including the card details, and provide this when you arriveat the public enquiry office. Your payment will be processed remotely, and acopy of the payment acknowledgement letter, including a unique paymentreference number, will be faxed to the public enquiry office to confirm payment’.

Another is postal payment in advance. You can pay yourapplication fee in advance by post, using a banker’s draft, postal order, debitcard or credit card. You cannot pay by cash.

The UKBAhas added: `We advise you to send your payment by post at least six workingdays before your appointment. This will ensure that we have time to receive andprocess your payment, and to send you an acknowledgement letter confirmingpayment and containing a unique payment reference number, before yourappointment. You must bring this letter when you attend your appointment.

`You must include a payment form with your postal payment.… 

`You should send the forms and your application fees to theaddress shown on the forms.

`Please do not send your application form and supportingdocuments with your payment. You should bring these with you to yourappointment, with your payment acknowledgement letter’.

And then, you have the system of online payment in someapplication types only

Elaborating, the UKBA has asserted: `If you are suing formSET(O), SET(M), FLR(O), FLR(M) or NTL to make your application, you can alsochoose to pay for and prepare your application online. You will need to makeyour online payment at least 48 hours before your appointment.

`By going to `insert web link for online applications’ youwill be provided with an electronic receipt which includes a unique paymentreference number and you will need to bring this to your appointment as proofof payment, along with a printed copy of the online application form and yoursupporting documents.

`If you have paid a premium fee – online or by post – andneed to rearrange your appointment because you can no longer make the originalappointment time, please contact the Immigration Enquiry Bureau on 0870 6067766 to reschedule your appointment.

`In the event that you are not able to proceed with yourpremium service appointment at all after you have paid, you will need tocontact the Immigration Enquiry Bureau to arrange a refund. Please note that itcan take up to four weeks for premium service refunds to be made’.





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