UKBA trains guns at sham marriage fixers

Main `aim’ to spot organisers profiting from & fuelling demand for sham marriages
21st July 2011: The UK Border Agency has made it clear that the focus of its attention is now on the fixers of sham marriages.
The UKBA has, in fact, categorically asserted that their “main aim” was to identify the organisers profiting from and fuelling the demand for sham marriages.

The assertion came after a sentence of three years was handed down to a sham marriage ‘fixer’

Abiola Abdulkareem was arrested at Abingdon Register Office on Friday 14 May 2010, as the wedding of Idowu James Ojomu from Nigeria and French national Maria Deroff got underway.

The UKBA said Abdulkareem helped arrange the ceremony that Ojomu hoped would gain him permission to live and work in the UK.

The  Judge sentenced him to three years in prison, and ordered that he should be deported after serving his sentence.

Reacting to the developments, Assistant Director of the UK Border Agency’s Criminal and Financial Investigation team, Sam Bullimore, said: ‘Our main aim is to identify the organisers like Abdulkareem who profit from and fuel the demand for sham marriages and destroy their criminal business.

‘We work very closely with the registrars in Oxfordshire and across the region to identify marriages that may not be genuine, and where we suspect that may be the case we will investigate.’

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