UKVI announces new service standards for applications made in UK

UKVI has announced new service standards for applications made within the UK. The new standards, announced following feedback from customers and partners, are already applicable for applications made since 1st January 2014.

Processing times for straightforward applications are listed below.

If your application is more complex and a decision cannot be made within that time, the UKVI will write to you to explain what happens next.

Applications received before 1st January 2014 will remain subject to the standards in force at the time they were submitted.

Processing times for applications made within the UK

Customers applying to remain in the UK on a temporary basis as: a spouse, workers, Tier 1 General and entrepreneurs, students, and organisations seeking to sponsor a worker: 8 weeks (10 days priority postal and same day premium).

Employers applying in the UK to update and maintain their license details: 18 weeks.

Customers applying in the UK to remain permanently (or naturalise as British) and applicants from Turkey and Croatia to live, study or work: 6 months.

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