Want ACE to endorse your plea under exceptional talent category? Follow new system

Applying under Tier 1 exceptional talent category of the points-based system? Remember to follow the new procedure if you want Arts Council England (ACE) to endorse your application.


The UK Border Agency has made it clear that applicants under Tier 1 (Exceptional talent) of the points-based system must follow a new procedure, if they want Arts Council England (ACE) to endorse their application.

The Border Force said: `If you are seeking ACE endorsement, you must now complete ACE’s new competent body application form and submit it with your visa application. You must also submit supporting documents which show that you meet ACE’s eligibility criteria.

`Until now, applicants seeking ACE endorsement needed to submit the supporting documents, but did not need to submit the form.

`There is no change to the procedure for Tier 1 (Exceptional talent) applicants who want their application to be endorsed by the Royal Society, the British Academy or the Royal Academy of Engineering.

`As before, they must submit a completed science bodies competent body application form and documents showing that they meet their competent body’s eligibility criteria. See the Exceptional talent – request for endorsement page for more information.

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Documents to apply under exceptional talent category