Where can you get biometrics enrolled

Now 11 biometric enrolment centres around the UK


11th December 2009: With an increase in the number of migrants required to enroll their biometrics, the UK Border Agency has enhanced the range of options.

The Agency says: There are now 11 Home Office biometric enrolment centres around the UK. The foreign nationals can book appointments at these centres through new online booking service or by telephone.

Postal applicants living within certain postcodes can now choose to enroll their biometrics at a limited number of Crown post offices nationwide.

This is a trial walk-in service, with no need to book an appointment, but is currently available only to applicants who have been sent an invitation to use it.

Applicants using this service will need to pay an additional fee of £8.00 to Post Office Ltd. Seventeen post offices will be taking part in the trial, with the locations published on our website as they come online.

For a premium fee, applicants can choose to apply in person and receive a same-day decision on their application at one of our seven public enquiry offices.

Appointments for this service at Croydon are often in high demand, but appointments are available at our regional offices in Belfast, Cardiff, Glasgow, Liverpool, Solihull and Sheffield.

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