You can have your say on OISC’s guidance, as well

The OISC ensures immigration advices are competent to provide services

5th November 2009: You can have your say on OISC’s guidance on competence also.

A day after the UK Border Agency declared it was holding public consultation on the fees charged for immigration and visa applications, the Office of the Immigration Services Commissioner (OISC) has announced the launch of a consultation on revising its guidance on competence.

The OISC has a duty to ensure people providing immigration advice or immigration services are competent to do so. Its guidance on competence sets out the standards that advisers should meet.

Following the introduction of the points-based system and other important developments in immigration, the OISC is considering whether the guidance needs to be fundamentally changed.

This consultation is an opportunity for advisers and other stakeholders to be involved in the OISC’s decision-making process, so that the future regulation of immigration advisers remains efficient and relevant to the changes happening in the wider immigration sector.

The consultation is open for 12 weeks, until 29 January 2010.


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