You can run, but you can’t hide: UKBA to all immigration offenders on Garry Sandhu’s removal


Bhangra singer Garry Sandhu’s deportation is being seen as the communication of a vital message from the UK Border Force that immigrants shall not be permitted to stay in the country, once their case confirms their illegal status.

The news of his deportation has not gone down well with so many of  his fans. They still argue Garry should have been permitted to stay.

But, UK Border Agency regional director Gail Adams says: “We will not tolerate abuse of the immigration rules. This man tried to evade our officers by adopting an alias and absconding.

“But his arrest and removal should send a message to all immigration offenders that they can run but they can’t hide. We will track them down and we will remove them.”

The UKBA informed DESIblitz of the conclusion of the case. In a statement, the UKBA said a rising star of the Asian music scene in the UK has been sent back to India because he was illegally in the country.

Garry Sandhu, aged 29, first came to the UK in 2002 but, under a different identity, claimed asylum which was refused by the UK Border Agency.

He was then placed on immigration bail, where he should have reported regularly to the agency. But, instead, he absconded and the UK Border Agency did not know his whereabouts until he received a criminal conviction for obstructing a police officer in January 2008 when he was caught driving without insurance.

He was then placed back on immigration bail while the UK Border Agency worked to obtain emergency travel documents to remove him because he did not have a passport.

After an emergency travel document had been obtained, officers visited his address in Hanover Road, Rowley Regis in October 2009 but discovered he had absconded again.

The elusive Bhangra star was finally arrested on 27 October 2011 and detained.

He was temporarily released in November while the UK Border Agency considered further representations. These were rejected and Mr Sandhu was re-detained on 16 December before being removed to India last night (12 January).


No music to ears: Bhangra singer Garry Sandhu deported to India just before Lohri


No music to ears: Bhangra singer Garry Sandhu deported to India just before Lohri

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