A chat with Ibukun Jegede, Top Model of Colour

“Give models of colour a chance in fashion shows and commercial shoots”

ibukun2.png13th February 2009: Ibukun Jegede is an international model and student of Nottingham Trent University. He is a humble, friendly, and easy going guy. Ibukun is second child of Engineer and Mrs. Jegede from Osun State, and is presently the male winner of Top Model of Colour. 

Why did you choose to become a model?

I chose to be a model because I have the right looks and right qualities.

For how long have you been modelling?

I have been modelling for five years. I started at the age of 16.

How does it feel to be a model?

It’s a great profession and I feel great being a professional model. It’s something I love doing and will keep doing.

As a model, what type of roles would you like to play?

As Britain’s Top Model of colour, I’d love be a role model to other aspiring models of colour. 
Nowadays people run away from the industry because of discrimination. I’d love to advice models 
of colour not to kill their talents just like that.

Are you interested in acting as well?

Yes, I’d love to go into acting and presenting.

What’s the part of your body you like most?

My lips because female fans say I have sexy lips (laughing).

What are the qualities of your ideal woman?

She should be God fearing, humble, understandable, beautiful and sexy looking.

What would you like to achieve in life?

I’d love to create an international modelling agency in the future to enable me help models of colour break through into the industry. This is one of my main projects in life.

Any advice to those aspiring to become models?

If you have the qualities and right look, keep trying whenever you miss out for jobs. Don’t get discourage and disappointed. Be yourself and put your best in whatever you do.

As a model, is there any particular thing you’d like to campaign for or against?

Yes, I’d love to campaign against racism in the modelling industry. Models of colour are not being recognized in the industry and we have few top models of colour which is not meant to be.

ibukun6.pngWhat’s your message to those who organise fashion events in UK but deny models of colour a chance of taking part?

They should try as much as possible to be flexible. Models of colour have the right looks. They should give models of colour the chance in fashion shows and commercial shoots and stop discriminating models of different skin colour in the industry.

Any other information you’d like to share with our readers?

I’m using this opportunity to thank everyone for their support during the competition. I’d also like advice models of colour to participate in the next competition because it helps you break through into the industry of one of Britain’s top model.


Full name: Ibukun Jegede
Age: 22 years
Place of birth: Lagos, Nigeria
Height: 6.2ft
Suit size: 42R
Weight: 80kg
Eyes: Brown
Hair colour: Black
Educational background:
– GCSE at Command Secondary School, Lagos, Nigeria.
– Certificate in Computing Studies at Federal College of education, Lagos, Nigeria.
– Advance Certificate in Computing studies at Federal College of education Lagos Nigeria.
– Diploma in Computing and Informatics at Nottingham Trent University
– Bsc (HONS) in Information and Communication Technology at Nottingham Trent University.
Ibukun Jegede’s Contacts:
Email: [email protected] and quote Ibukun Jegede’s name or dial 0845 388 7249/ 07971 388687

By Stephen Ogongo


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