`Am proud to be a Zimbabwean’: Nonhlanhla Togwe

Lends helping hand to a non-profit organization in Zimbabwe’s Bulawayo


3rd June 2010:
Nonhlanhla Togwe says she is all set to make a difference. Happy to have found precious opportunity to raise publicity and funds for charities, the very first Miss African Spirit has already extended support ot a charity.

 “I am exhilarated, and proud to be a Zimbabwean and to be the very first Miss African Spirit,” says Nonhlanhla. “I have found myself with such a precious opportunity to raise publicity and funds for charities. I am so lucky to have met all the other contestants and will seize the chance to make a difference.”

The winner of Miss African Spirit is obliged to nominate a charity initiative that they will support and work closely with during their reign and beyond.

Nonhlanhla’s chosen initiative is Neniwo/Lamifuthi, a non-profit organization based in Zimbabwe’s city of Bulawayo.

Neniwo/Lamifuthi facilitates direct educational support of orphaned children in Zimbabwe, a country which has in recent times seen a steep rise in the number of young children who have lost parents due to HIV/AIDS epidemic and other illnesses.

Nonhlanhla Togwe is Miss African Spirit 2010

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