Amina Kamara – Miss West Africa

She aspires to be the most successful model in UK

amina1.jpg11 November 2008. Amina Kamara has been crowned the Official Miss West Africa 2008. Amina won the first ever Miss West Africa title in London on Saturday 8th November. Eleven finalists were competing for this new prestigious title at a special event that took place at the plush Cornway Hall in Holborn (central London) 25 Red Lion Square, WC1.

The new Beauty Queen would like to thank all her friends for the support. “I’m truly grateful,” she says, adding that she’s “so honoured to be an Ambassador of West Africa.” As Miss West Africa 2008, Amina says she would like “to represent poise and class as a black woman (West African), be an Ambassador of West Africa, help to enhance the quality of life for our West African people, and to present my personality to the public and to represent West Africa as a Sierra Leonean.”

Born in London on 31st January 1987, Amina is a hard working young woman who strives to succeed in everything that she does. She studies Tourism at the University and is preparing to graduate this month.

Tourism is one of the areas she has always wanted to be involved in. One of the reasons why she chose this field is because different cultures and traditions have always fascinated her. She loves to travel, meet new people and share the generous traits of her character with others. Amina witnessed for herself a true definition of poverty when she visited Freetown, Sierra Leone, for the first time in 2003.

Since then has wanted to do something to help the needy. She is now keen on putting her talents to good use by modelling. She has worked with various UK artists in videos and photoshoots. She has also modelled for UK fashion designers such as R.Kay Designs, LeLe Fashion and Nue-Bian Designs and she continues to find more work in this field.

With her fierce walk and unique features, Amina aspires to be the most successful model in the UK.

Amina is also a part of a dance group called Versatile Performers-The Creative Collectives (website - which consists of four main dancers and several other trainees. They hold workshops teaching contemporary/jazz/street dance to beginners and youngsters. She also works in a Market Research company, and is currently looking for a job in the Tourism industry.

Miss West Africa beauty pageant was founded to promote a positive image of West Africa by creating awareness of the social, cultural, wealth and the beauty within West Africa.

Interview with Amina Kamara, Miss West Africa 2008

How does it feel to be considered the most beautiful West African girl in the UK? It is such an honour to be involved in such an amazing competition, let alone being considered the most beautiful West African girl. I’m privileged to represent for my country Sierra Leone and for West Africa.

What do you hope to achieve as Miss West Africa 2008?
I want to be involved heavily in organizations that specialize in helping and improve the quality of life within Africa. I also want to be able to use this title to raise awareness for Sierra Leone. Its time for the young to participate in helping our people and I am truly humbled and amazed that I have been given this opportunity.

What are the qualities of your ideal man?
He has to be genuine and patient. He has to be my best friend and he has to truly care for me.

What’s your advice to young girls aspiring to become models?
Believe that you are special and you have something to offer, don’t ever compare yourself to anyone, make sure you prepare yourself for rejection and learn from it. Do it because you love it and it’s your passion.

Any other comments?
I’d like to give a special thanks to my sponsors Excel Hair Salon and my designer Rikka Kempainen of R.Kay Designs.

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