And now, a website for beautiful people

With presence in the US and the UK, it promises applicants "glamorous parties”

29 October 2009: The world is a nicer looking place, if you are beautiful. At least, this is the impression a website for only beautiful people is all set to give.

Criticism of being superficial notwithstanding, an online dating agency allowing membership only to good looking people is launching its website worldwide this week.

The site,, was launched in Denmark several years ago. But it will now operate as one unified website across the globe, the Telegraph has reported.

Available information indicates the lonely hearts website has currently some 180,000 members. The prospective members were asked to submit their photographs, which were viewed and appreciated by other members, who decided through an online rating system whether the new ones were attractive enough to be admitted. Only about one in five applicants succeed in getting through the rating system.

Defending the process, the site’s managing director Greg Hodge says there is nothing wrong in creating a club of beautiful people in the world. His argument is simple: People are fed up wasting time and money meeting unattractive people on the net.

The website, having presence in the US and the UK currently, promises successful applicants "glamorous parties, a jet-set global network" and "potential contracts from top modeling agencies".

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