Miss African Spirit winner to get support for charity initiatives

Event on 22nd May 2010

19th May 2010: Get ready for greeting Miss Africa Spirit. The pageant, coinciding with Africa Day festivities, is all set to takes place on 22nd May 2010 in Milton Keynes.

There are no size, height or weight restrictions for the contestants; and this is where a part of the pageant’s appeal lies; and is the reason why it has already proved very popular and set itself apart from all other pageants.

In this day and age where pageants are glorified fashion shows where it seems slimmer, ‘size zero’ models are the order of the day, the Miss African Spirit has challenged that perspective and has proved that indeed size does not matter.

The organisers say what does matter is building a sense of community, being charitable and giving back to the communities we live as well as those we come from. One of Miss African Spirit’s aims is to create and nurture the next generation of charitable leaders from its contestants and to inspire, creativity, love of Ubuntu.

Pageant Director Michelle Adams says “Our contestants will be required to choose three prevailing issues that affect Africa or the African Diaspora community, and the winner will have our full support in raising funds for a charity that is close to her heart, or creating her own brand new charity initiative. Charity does begin at home.”

 It is impossible to ignore the plight of so many children in Africa.  Several weeks ago, the BBC aired a documentary entitled “Zimbabwe’s Forgotten Children”, which highlighted the plight of impoverished Zimbabwean children suffering under the harsh strains of the country’s economy.

The film saw the start of massive grassroots efforts towards changing the fortunes of children, not only in Zimbabwe but everywhere, who be suffering the same fate.

 Long before the film was brought to the public’s attention, Miss African Spirit had researched and decided on where to focus its own charitable efforts. This year, after many consultations and with help from The Trail oh Hope Foundation, the pageant’s main charitable beneficiary will be the Upenyu Hutsva Orphanage in Harare, Zimbabwe.

The orphanage houses just under a hundred orphaned children of all ages up to 18 years of age. Michelle says, “Miss African Spirit will give specifically to several sections of this community, with the aim of providing self-sustainable options for their future.

“We’re inviting individuals, families, community groups, schools, churches, businesses and everyone in between not only to support the pageant but to participate. The psychological benefits derived from giving to others who are less fortunate are priceless”.

The venue is Jury’s Inn Hotel Milton Keynes, Midsummer Boulevard, Milton Keynes, MK9 2HP. It starts at 6pm and goes on till late. The VIP tickets are for £30 and include two-course meal. The standard ticket is for £15 and are available at


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