Miss Romania Earth – Rain Drops!

Here come the beauty queens from Eastern Europe

05 December 2008. Ruxandra Popa, 21, was crowned Miss Romania-Earth 2008 by Alina Gheorge, Miss Romania Earth 2007.
Answering to the questinons of the jury at Miss Earth 2008, Ruxandra Popa said:
 “I cherish my childhood in the quaint but blissful life in the countryside feeding the chickens, milking cows and bathing in the clean river. I am wondering if the children today still enjoy as much. Let us be fair to our children. Take care of this planet.”

She is student in Communication Sciences.

Here, you can see Miss Romania Earth 2007, Alina Gheorghe, and the year 2008 beauty queen, Ruxandra Popa.




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