Vicky Tjirimuje, model out to make a difference

“Models should be judged by their skills, talents or experience not skin colour”

vicky-tjirimuje5w.png23rd February 2009: At only 24, Vicky Tjirimuje is already a Top Model of Colour. This glamorous and charming young girl originally from Namibia and now based in the UK considers herself “a woman with clear defined goals, confidence, determination and courage.” These are the three qualities that distinguish her from anyone else.

Vicky has had passion for the modelling industry from the time she was very young. Her friends and family members also encouraged her to become a model because of her height and beauty.
Having been modelling for five years, Vicky can now look back at her experience and say with confidence that she has had a very inspiring experience.

“I feel privileged because modelling is not all about looking good but the opportunities it gives you to be involved in charity and to do charity shows,” she says with a sweet smile, adding that “modelling allows you to do positive projects that make a difference to the community.”

Like many other models of colour in UK, Vicky is worried and disappointed with the way models of colour are discriminated against. This is why she would like to be involved in projects or campaigns that promote more models of colour in the modelling industry.

Vicky would like to see more Models of colour in the High Fashion Modelling and magazines too.
“I am a high fashion model and I would like to use my skills and experience to train other young people like myself to become good Catwalk Models,” she says.

She also nurtures interest in acting, and hopes to be an actress one day.

And do you know the part of her body Vicky likes most? “I like my legs because they give me strength to be a good Catwalk model.”

Vicky’s ideal man must “be loving, caring and supportive.”

Vicky would like to be a successful business woman, with her own Modelling Agency.

She has some advice for the  young people aspiring to become models. “You should believe in yourself, anything in life is possible when you put your mind, heart and soul into it.”

“Models should be judged by their skills, talents or experience not the colour of their skin,” this is Vicky’s message to those who organise fashion events in UK but deny models of colour a chance of taking part.

She is appealing to all to “fight to make the difference in the Modelling Industry, so that our younger Generation do not suffer the same treatment and experience we face today.”


Full name: Vicky Tjirimuje
Age: 24
Date of birth: 18 January
Height: 6.1ft
Dress size: 8
Eyes: Brown
Hair colour: Black
Educational background:
Diploma in Business Management and currently studying Master course in Business Management. She also has a certificate in Human Resource Management.
Country of origin: Namibia
Email: [email protected]
Tel: 0845 388 7249/07971 388687

By Stephen Ogongo


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