World’s first Sikh supermodel takes the cover of GQ

Sonny Caberwal’s success will motivate many aspiring Sikh models

3rd April 2009: For the first time in history, a turbaned Sikh supermodel is set to be featured in top fashion magazines including GQ.

sonny_caberwalfront1.jpgThe guy to make history is Mr. Sonny Caberwal, a law graduate from the prestigious Georgetown University in Washington. He is also a successful businessman co-owning the uber-hip Tavalon tea bar in New York. He also runs a consulting business in San Francisco.

Mr. Caberwal is grateful to his looks that have landed him multifarious fashion assignments, The Telegraph reported.

His breakthrow has caused a surge of pride and excitement throughout the world’s Sikh community.

Mr. Caberwal is happy of the encouraging response for his GQ debut, and of the fact that his accomplishment will motivate many aspiring Sikh models.

"It’s not about me, but about Sikh identity and about our culture and traditions being in a positive light to people around the world," Mr. Caberwal said.

“This being the first time that such a thing is happening at international level, it will motivate the young Sikh generation to wear turban. It will also promote the identity of Sikh people,” says Mr. Harbinder Singh, Editor of Punjab Express.

Mr. Caberwal was discovered by American fashion designer Kenneth Cole. "Cole was looking for a turbaned man for their 25th anniversary campaign, but could find no professional Sikh model. My brother-in-law suggested that I email a photo to them, and the rest is history,” the Telegraph quoted Caberwal as saying.

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