Tesco, 92 new Polish delicacies

Tesco supermarket launches its first dedicated food range for Poles.

18 November 2009:
You may find it hard to digest it but Tesco supermarket is all set to introduce 92 new Polish delicacies in its first dedicated food range for Poles.

The decision follows re-rise in the demand for Polish food in Britain. It had taken a dip with the Poles leaving Britain following the meltdown. But with the Poles returning back, the demand is leaving behind a good taste among the food industry giants.

Available information suggests the Poles started arriving in Britain about five years ago. Many Polish took jobs in the construction industry, predominantly in plumbing; and soon the Polish plumber became a mark of foreign workers in Britain.

By mid-2008, an estimated 1.2 million Poles were living in the UK. Their arrival saw a strong demand for delicacies from home. But with the recession hitting the workers hard by the beginning of 2009, the demand for Polish food began to go down, Tesco supermarket said.

But with things improving the supermarket said it saw the first rise of 15 per cent in British demand for Polish food products for nearly a year; and the supermarket is now planning to come up with new dishes.

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