16 underpaid Polish workers should get their money back: GMB

GMB seeks to recover over £10,000 for each worker

construction-worker.png28 October 2010. Sixteen Polish workers, employed by Darmar on the Uskmouth power station site near Newport in South Wales, were not paid for overtime, were charged for accommodation, were not paid for holidays and very often had delayed payment of salaries.

GMB (the union for engineering construction workers) officers have seen the pay slips given to these GMB members, the payment details sent to the auditors for these employees and details of the monies paid into the bank accounts of these members for the past seven months.

None of these three sets of paperwork tally.

Darmar has been on Uskmouth site for about eleven months, as the thermal insulation subcontractor of Siemens, contracted by Severn Power to build the Uskmouth CCGT (Combined Cycle Gas Turbine) Power Station.

Based in Harrow, Middlesex, the company employs about 40 industrial laggers on the Uskmouth site, all of whom are migrants workers, sourced through an agency called Isochore.

The paperwork is now being examined by an independent auditor employed by Siemens under the terms of the National Agreement For Engineering Construction.

Similar issues of underpayment and exploitation of migrant workers previously emerged at the Lindsay oil refinery site, Staythorpe power station site and Isle of Grain power station site.

“After Lindsay, Staythorpe and Isle of Grain this shows that employers can not be trusted and engineering construction workers from UK and overseas have to rely on trades unions and their own solidarity to fight these employers,” says GMB.

The union is seeking to recover over £10,000 for each of the 16 underpaid Polish workers.

by Anna Sobusiak

Every Single Woman, campaign by Asylum Aid

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