Amid scenes of anguish, Anuj Bidve cremated

Amid scenes of anguish, Anuj Bidve was cremated after being flown home to India.


Shot in the head at close range as he walked with friends in Salford, Greater Manchester, on Boxing Day, Anuj’s cremation was attended by hundreds of mourners.

Heartrending seens were witnessed as grieving relatives and friends cried and hugged each other as his flower-filled open coffin was carried through the streets.

His parents said they had send their son to study in the United Kingdom, rather than the United States or Australia, as they thought it would be the safest place for him.

His father Subhash Bidve and mother Yogini had returned to home town of Pune in central India with his body after visiting the spot where he was killed.

Subhash Bidve said: “There are no words, the world is finished for us, this is what I can say.”

Anuj’s family said they been “deeply moved” and had taken comfort from the hundreds of messages they have received from the people of Salford and Lancaster, where their son was studying, and especially the Indian community.

“Psycho. Psycho Stapleton” has reportedly told the British police already that 23-year-old Indian student Anuj Bidve in Manchester was murdered as a part of a "gang initiation" process.

Arrested and charged with the murder, Kiaran Mark Stapleton’s reported disclosure indicates that he may have killed the Indian student to show to violent dons that he wished to join and that he had it in him to be a cold-blooded assassin.

The motiveless killing has already sent shock waves nationally and internationally, particularly in India from where the victim hails.

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