Black British TV sitcom “Meet the Adebanjos” on air this Christmas season

“Meet the Adebanjos”, an independently produced Black British TV sitcom will be on air this Christmas season.

From 9th December 2011, Vox Africa TV will be airing the new episodes of the series every Friday at 6.30pm and 8.30pm.

“Meet the Adebanjos” features a cast of loud and unforgettable characters, and highlights the comical family dynamics that take place when traditional African/ethnic parents raise British-born children. These families exist all over the UK, yet remain unrepresented on mainstream television.

Fans of this unique Black British sitcom should prepare for a real treat with a Christmas and New Year double episode special.

“Meet the Adebanjos” initially launched online last June, managing to attract half a million viewers. Loyal fans have been demanding to see more of the infectious Black family.

“Meet The Adebanjos” has been produced by South London-based MTA Productions – the dynamic production team created by Mr. Andrew Osayemi, a former trader, and Ms. Debra Odutuyo, a TV producer.

The online popularity has made “Meet the Adebanjos” win three awards: BEFFTA Awards (Best WebSeries), NEL Awards (Best TV Program) and a Zaffa Award (Appreciation Award).

“The response has been amazing,” said Ms. Odutuyo. “People can’t get enough of this fresh new comedy.”

Prepare to laugh while watching the Adebanjos family on Vox Africa TV.

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