Britain sees spurt in honour violence on ethnic women

Cases of honour related violence or forced marriage have more than doubled since 2007-2008, among Britain’s ethnic communities. The figures from the Metropolitan Police indicate that in the 12 months to April 2011 there were 443 incidents reported of above mentioned cases in London alone.

Police figures have also divulged that a noteworthy percentage of victims drop their cases after initially coming forward.

As per the Telegraph, another recent survey of all police forces, using Freedom of Information Act, revealed that there were nearly 3,600 reported cases nationwide in 2010.

The campaigners assert that recorded cases may be just the "tip of the iceberg". Infact thousands of incidents are going unreported each year because of fear of retaliation, family pressure or unpredictable police recording.

Jasvinder Sanghera, campaigner against forced marriage and founder of the victim support group 'Karma Nirvana,' asserted the figures were sadly underrated. The author of 'Shame' added they were dealing with the tip of the iceberg and were not aware as to how many thousands are at risk because it was a hidden crime and there was no statutory duty to record it.

The paper quoted Ms Sanghera as saying  "This is an issue for British born subjects, we have really got to acknowledge that and move away from being 'culturally sensitive' and fear of being called racist, it's an issue of child protection”.

Sanghera also urged people from all backgrounds to show backing for criminalising forced marriage during the consultation.

She added that this was not a cultural issue. But it was an issue of abuse and while they creep around it they were giving power to the executors.




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