`Britain’s black community denied chance to escape poverty’: Cameron

Cameron promises concerted action to overcome racial barriers

18 March 2010:
Tory leader David Cameron believes Britain’s black community has been denied the chance to “escape poverty”; and the reason for the “denial” was a “failure to address racial inequality”.

Cameron has also promised his party would introduce concerted action to overcome the racial barriers that existed in Britain

In an interview just before the general elections, Cameron said a Tory government would institute a “radical plan” which will “include funding for a national mentoring programme for black people who want to start a business.”

Cameron added that the special Tory fund would “provide black entrepreneurs with the targeted support, advice — and, crucially, role models — they need to access finance and work for themselves.”

He added his party would provide “role models” which will “inspire a new generation of black people to take on the world.”

Cameron’s assertion had appeared in an article published in the Guardian. Cameron in the article, `We’ll change black Britain’ had claimed that Britain’s black community was “denied” the chance to “escape poverty and build a better life for themselves and their family.”

According to Cameron, the black pupils were permanently excluded from school at more than twice the rate of white pupils. Of the 3,000 students who started at Oxford in 2008, only five were black Caribbean in origin.

He had asserted the inequality extended to the job market too, with recent research showing almost half of young black people were unemployed, well over twice the rate for young white people.

If elected, Cameron promised even more affirmative action measures than those already implemented by the Labour Party.

The BNP has reacted to the assertions by interpreting it to mean the `whites’ were responsible for `black’ business failures”. The party has asserted that Cameron’s intention is to give financial priority to Afro-Caribbeans over white British people.

The party said it utterly rejects the Tory, and Labour, obsession with blaming white people for everything that goes wrong in every other community.
“The BNP is completely opposed to special set-asides, affirmative action and any policy, which puts the interests of the British people last,” it was asserted.

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